Health care: It is a panacea for patients with diabetes, use this vine powder in this way


Lifestyle Desk. Friends, due to the use of adulterated goods sold in the market these days and the routine nowadays, most people get complaints of diabetes. To get rid of diabetes, most people resort to English medicines which effect very slowly, or do not effect at all. Friends, today we are going to tell you one such desi recipe of Ayurvedic Shastra, which will be very helpful for you in ending diabetes. Friends, this ayurvedic recipe of ours is associated with yellow colored amarabel, which is commonly found on trees.

Amarbel is considered to be very beneficial for patients with diabetes. This gradually reduces their sugar level. To use it, you can make fine powder of the seeds of Amarbel and consume about 5 grams of powder daily. By using it, your sugar level will be reduced gradually.


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