Health Tips: Basil leaves are effective from migraine to depression, just consume this way with milk


Basil leaves are rich in many qualities, no matter which use of basil, it is beneficial. Basil is used in many diseases. Boiling basil with milk and drinking it gets rid of many diseases.

If you are often surrounded by stress or depression due to office tension or workload, then drink basil leaves boiled in milk.

If you are troubled by any disease like respiratory problem, asthma, boil basil leaves with milk and drink it will benefit asthma patients.

Drinking basil leaves in milk helps in relieving problems like headaches, regular consumption of basil milk can eliminate the problem from the root and reduce the pain.

To make Tulsi milk, first of all, pour 8 to 10 basil leaves in a glass of milk and let it boil and when the milk remains 1 glass then turn off the gas when it is mildly lukewarm then drink it from regular consumption of this milk due to many diseases. Get rid of


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