Health Tips: – Excessive use of lemon can cause these disadvantages


Lemon is a part of most women’s routine, women use it for weight loss, hair and skin care, but do you know that it has many side effects? Today we tell you what things to use when using lemon. Take care.

Skin and hair dryness Lemon is great for hair and skin, but it should not be used directly on your skin and hair. If your skin is dry, use lemon to reduce it. Also to get rid of dandruff, many women use lemon directly on their scalp. But do you know that lemon can make your hair really dry? If your hair is very dry, then you should avoid using lemon.

Tooth loss – Consuming too much of lemon can make the teeth sour. It has acidic properties. Consuming lemon can spoil tooth enamel.

Stomach upset – Drinking too much lemon water can cause stomach problems and it reduces your digestive power. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and excessive intake of this vitamin can cause diarrhea, nausea.

Bone loss – By drinking too much lemon water, the bone becomes weak, the acid present in the lemon has a very bad effect on the bones.



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