Health Tips: Know the many benefits of drinking asafoetida water


Asafoetida is often used for the taste and aroma of food, asafoetida is also very beneficial for the stomach, today we will tell you some benefits of asafoetida.

If you are having pain in your ears, then heat asafetida in sesame oil and put one-two drops in the ear so that the pain is completely cured.

If the glass, thorn in the skin gets pierced and does not come out, then apply a paste of asafoetida in that place, which will bring out the pricked thing.

Drink asafetida before going to bed at night, which will relieve constipation

If you do not feel hungry, then before eating food, roast asafetida in ghee and take it with ginger and butter, which will benefit you.



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