Health Tips: – Use these things while making parathas, health will remain healthy


Today we are going to tell you about some special tips for making Swadishti and Healthy Paratha, which will take special care of taste as well as health, so let’s know about these tips.

If you include spinach puree, fenugreek puree or other things in it while kneading the dough for the parathas, then the taste of the paratha also increases with the nutrients in it. Can use

You can use soybeans, paneer, avocado, broccoli, whole mung lentils etc. in addition to potatoes and paneer to make the stuffing of the paratha, it is super healthy with flavor.

You can add celery, roasted cumin, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. while stuffing the paratha, it is full of all the nutrients like vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.


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