Know about your heart disease this way


The number of cardiac patients is increasing steadily. At present, some member in every family is completely suffering from this disease. Every year about 17 lakh people in India die due to heart disease. A surprising thing has come to light through a report. People who have excessive dirt deposited in their ears become victims of heart disease very quickly.

A doctor from Mumbai involved about 888 patients in a research. Those who were completely suffering from heart disease. About 95 percent of the people involved in this research had dirt in their ears.

A direct connection to the ear is communicated with the heart. Due to which heart related diseases very soon surround the human being. Although it is very common to get dirty ears with age, but it also increases the chances of getting serious diseases.

Symptoms of heart disease

1. Shortness of breath, dizziness, cold sweating
2. Shortness of breath
3. Increased heartbeat
4. Left-arm and jaw pain

Due to heart disease

Excessive alcohol consumption
High blood pressure
High cholesterol level

How to protect

The best way to prevent diseases is to get medical check up periodically. Apart from this, healthy diet, avoiding spicy food, exercise, yoga, walks, plenty of water, eating on time, etc. keep your health healthy.


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