Heat and inflammation of the liver will be reduced, try this home recipe


Liver is very important for a healthy body. The liver keeps the digestive system very fine in our body. Nowadays the life of everyone has become so much busy that most people are unable to pay special attention to their food and food and have leaned too much towards food items like junk food.

If you want to be healthy very much, then it is important that your liver is completely healthy. Today, we have come up with an effective recipe for this problem, by which heat of liver, swelling of the liver is very easily removed.

Recipe to make and use

Take one lemon and cut it into two pieces. Then remove the seeds and cut them in half without half lemon but the pieces do not separate. Fill black pepper powder in one part, black salt in the second, powder of dry ginger in the third and sugar powder in the fourth.

Put it on a plate at night and cover it. One hour before having a meal in the morning, heat a slice of this lemon and cook it on a low heat on a pan. By doing this recipe for seven days to twenty-one days, the liver will be correct.

Using this recipe, leave sweet at all. Eat less bread. If possible, stay on fruits and vegetables.
Use more vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, carrots, Bathua, bitter gourd, Loki etc. and fruits like papaya, amla, berries, apples, plum, litchi etc. and buttermilk. Use ghee and fried items sparingly. The liver will get better with this experiment in fifteen days.

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Eating onion twice a day is also beneficial in liver damage. In liver diseases, mixing asafetida, cumin, black pepper and salt fried in buttermilk is very good to eat after lunch. It works like nectar.


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