Nautapa 2021: Severe heat of the Nautapa!  Donate and eradicate all sins!  Learn what the Puranas, Quran and astrology say?

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In almost all religions, the special importance of charity has been stated. Donations of items which provide relief to the poor and destitute have the highest importance. These days, when the Sun is closest to the Earth, Nautapa means scorching heat, it is believed that in such a situation, by donating food, water, clothes, umbrella, shoes and slippers to the needy, we will attain the eternal virtue. can do. The heat is at its peak due to the fierce outbreak of the Nautapa. Along with charity, there is an old tradition of planting trees and trees to avoid this heat of hot summer. According to Hindu religious texts, when the Sun enters the Rohini Nakshatra, that is, during the Nautapa period, the needy should donate the things that protect them from the heat of the heat. By doing this, apart from the never ending virtue, one gets rid of sins committed inadvertently and unknowingly. Also read: Nautapa 2021: When will Nautapa begin? Learn its astrological, religious and scientific importance?

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What is the Puranas say?

It is described in Garuda, Padma and Skanda Purana that donating to the needy people in the nine months of Jyestha month gives manifold merits. During this, food, water, clothing, umbrella and footwear are donated. Along with this, the implantation of densely shade trees and watering plants and trees to protect passers-by from the scorching sun, also gives us intact virtues and our ancestors are also happy. According to astrology, doing so also provides relief from the effects of inauspicious planets.

Which trees yield the virtue like Ashwamedh Yagya?

It is mentioned in the Vishnudharmottara and Skanda Purana that by planting peepal, amla and tulsi trees during the Nautapa period manifold virtue is attained. Some Puranas also receive the virtues of Ashwamedha Yagya by planting neem, bilvapatra, banyan, tamarind and mango tree. Knowingly and unknowingly sins are destroyed. By planting these trees and plants, we get rid of all kinds of problems.

Astrology perspective

According to astrology, when the Earth and the Sun get very close during the course of the Nautapa, then the biggest effect of the intensity of the heat is innocent trees and plants. Because of this, due to the intense heat, the water in the inner surfaces of the earth gets reduced considerably, due to which the trees, plants and animals and birds are not able to get water. That is why the tradition of watering trees and plants and water reservoirs for animals and birds started during Nautpa. Those who do this, by virtue of performing all the yagyas, they get many times more virtue than that.

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Learn what the Quran says

In the religion of Islam, there is an old tradition of charity to the poor and needy. This donation is in the form of Zakat and Fitra, which in the Quran is said to be necessary to give to every capable Muslim. Along with this, the importance of flora is also mentioned in the religion of Islam. According to Rasul in a hadith of Masnade-Ahmad, if the doom is going to last and if someone has a palm seedling to sow, then he should sow immediately. Instead, he gets Ajr and Sabaab. The Prophet considered it a crime to unnecessarily cut trees while teaching his followers to plant more and more trees. According to a hadith of Bukhari Sharif, plantation is also a kind of charity as the tree becomes a shelter for birds and other creatures. Its leaves are a diet of organisms and its shade gives passivity to passersby.

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The lack of water in the body due to the intense heat of the Nautpa poses a risk of all kinds of diseases. In such a situation, it is considered good to donate things that provide coolness to the helpless and needy. Therefore, during this time, donate mango, coconut, Ganga water, curd, buttermilk, pana, a pot full of drinking water, light clothes, umbrella, shoes and slippers.

note: This article has been written for informational purpose, this article of ours does not promote any kind of superstition.


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