High hopes for treatment of obesity, research reveals- process of dissolving vitamin A fat in winter


Recent research has revealed that the cold weather temperature increases the amount of vitamin A in humans. By increasing the amount of vitamin A, the harmful fat tissue of white color turns into brown fat fat tissue. After which the fat dissolves and heat is produced. Researchers say that it causes a decrease in obesity.

Research on vitamin A can provide treatment for obesity

The important role of vitamin A in rapid fat burning has been proved by researchers of MedUni Viana Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. The results of the research have been published in the journal Molecular Metabolism. It has been reported in the report that two types of fat deposits can be identified in humans and mammals. One, harmful white fat and second, brown fat fat tissue.

During increasing obesity, more calories are gathered mainly in white fat. In contrast, brown fat dissolves energy and therefore produces heat. Researchers say that the process of fat changes occurs with excess energy secretion. 90 percent of white fat is stored in human body. It is usually found on the abdomen, lower back and upper thigh. Harmful fat tissue in white color Changes in brown fat fat tissue may prove to be a new option for fighting overweight and obesity.

Exposure to increase in vitamin A in winter

They reported that research results suggest that vitamin A affects energy metabolism, with vitamin A being the main role in the treatment of obesity. Therefore, it is considered a promising approach in the development of obesity treatment. However, he has cautioned the obese person to use more vitamin A supplements without medical advice. For this, it is important that vitamins are delivered to healthy cells in the right amount and at the right time.

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