Holi is not only a festival but also a culture…


Religion and festivals Holi is a unique and supernatural folk festival in India, a festival of culture. It is a festival of liberation. In this, we declare the society to be supreme. It is a cultural festival of pure enjoyment and entertainment. Holi, the festival of colors, brings unique gifts of joy, joy, enthusiasm, unity, love and harmony. The fun of color, abir, gulal is seen flying in nature’s knuckles. The entire Falgun month is filled with colors of Holi. People start waiting for Holi from Basant Panchami.

Holi festival starts from Vasant Panchami. Gulal is flown for the first time on the same day. Phag and Dhamar starts from this day. Attractive shade prevails in the gardens. Not only humans, plants, animals and birds all become full of ecstasy. Wheat earrings are used to be used in the fields. Children and old people abandon all inhibitions and drown in the dance-song and music and colors to the tune of dholak-jhanj-chains. Frenzied melody prevails throughout the universe.

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Brijbhoomi has preserved the ancient cultural traditions of Holi even today. This tradition is so vibrant that millions of tourists from all over the country and abroad come here every year to enjoy the divine Holi of Braj-Vrindavan and get soaked in its colors. Braj’s Lathmar Holi is an attraction in itself. This is the peak of the release of Holi festival.


Holi is a special cultural and spiritual festival of our country. Holi is the festival of human beings’ interview with God and with themselves. Actually, Holi is an attempt against evils, it gives a new way of living, and divides the miseries of others, shattering human sensibilities are added. On this outspoken festival of joy and gaiety, the clang of hoardings opens the knots of enmity and confines the distances. Raga and color are the main parts of Holi. Nature is also at its peak with colorful youth at this time.

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The cultural psyche of India is hidden in the festival of Holi. It is such a festival that even if you are insubstantial to someone, it does not make you happy. Man’s life is full of sufferings and calamities. In the moments of hope and despair, his mind is disturbed. In such moments, festivals like Holi infuse hope into his life.




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