Honey will become poison, if you eat like this



As such, the consumption of honey is considered as nectar for the body. But sometimes this honey with medicinal properties also becomes poison for you. This is due to its incorrect consumption. So let’s know about it-

Do not forget to consume honey with hot things. Consuming it with honey can cause great harm to your body. Actually, honey is hot, which can cause stomach upset.

Additionally, honey should not be eaten with radish. This causes toxins to form in the body. This can lead to many health problems. Drink honey at least one hour after eating radish.

Some people drink honey by adding honey in hot water to lose weight, while this method is actually wrong. Drinking honey mixed with more hot water causes heat in the body, causing stomach problems. In this case, drink honey mixed with lukewarm water.

These mistakes can happen, be careful before shaving

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