Immunity Booster: How effective are vitamin pills in boosting immunity?  Learn what the Experts say

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Vitamin Pills: The scope of corona infects in the country is increasing rapidly. Scientists around the world have proved to be unsuccessful at the moment in inventing the drug of this epidemic. Even today we are limited to the task of masks and social distancing. Despite the increase in immunity pills, decoctions and other treatments prescribed by doctors, the mortality rate of the infected is not able to be curbed. So now people are losing faith even with immunity enhancing pills! Are multi vitamin pills really effective in increasing immunity? In this context, we talk to some doctors.

When to take vitamins pills

Since the scope of corona infection has increased, the use of vitamins and multi-vitamin pills suggested by doctors has increased. Doctors say that by taking pills of some vitamins, the immunity power of our body increases, which weakens the infection of corona. That is, if the immunity of the body will be strong, then the person is able to fight against any disease. In this context, Dr. Virendra Gupta, a physician at a private hospital in Gurgaon, explains, – Those who are already suffering from some disease are most at risk from Corona virus. There can be patients with major illnesses ranging from diabetes, low or high blood pressure. If such patients are infected with corona, they are advised to take vitamin-rich foods as well as vitamin pills so that their immunity can be strengthened to fight the virus. Because vitamin pills show immediate effect. We cannot af ford to keep such corona infected limited to only foods containing vitamins.

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When the immunity of the patient reaches the safe label due to the intake of medicines and vitamins within a set time, then we stop the pills of vitamins. Because by then the patient’s body has been able to produce sufficient amount of immunity from foods. We would also advise every healthy person to include only natural sources in their daily routine, because whose immunity is not known when it increases or decreases.

Vitamin pills can cause harm in this way

Doctor Ritesh Jain, who is running a private clinic in Mumbai, says, Corona infected person is given vitamins pills or capsules according to their immunity, any patient should go out with urin by increasing the pills of vitamins more than necessary. , Which cannot be said to be good for the patient. That is why we do not give them extra pills of vitamins. I would request the loved ones of the patient not to give vitamins or multi-vitamin pills to the patient without consulting a doctor. These can harm rather than profit. However, in this hour of corona infection, every healthy person should consume foods rich in vitamins regularly and in order to maintain their immunity.

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Foods containing immunity enhancing vitamins

Fresh fruits, green vegetables and various grains contain abundant amounts of vitamins, due to which a person’s body gets vitamins. Here, Dr. Jain warns once again that excessive consumption of any fruits, vegetables or grains should not be taken in the greed of more vitamins. They can also cause harm.

Vitamin-C Vitamin C is a big contributor to your body’s immunity. For this, use oranges ‚strawberries‚ kinnu ‚seasonal‚ broccoli ‚capsicum and spinach regularly. Also Read: COVID-19 Vaccination: More than 1.32 Crore Registration done on the first day of CoWin App for Corona Vaccination

Vitamin D, ‘Calcitriol’ found in the body is the active form of Vitamin D. Walking in the morning sunlight creates vitamin D in the body. Apart from this, it is also found in fishes. Vitamin D gets calcium from our body from vitamin D, which makes bones strong. Also read: Covid Vaccine: A dose of covid vaccine reduces the risk of infection spreading to some extent: research

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Vitamin E, It contains some anti-oxidants, which give the body the power to fight various infections and protect it from allergies. For this, foods containing nuts and seeds of different varieties should be consumed. Apart from this, vitamin E is also abundant in broccoli, leafy vegetables ‚milk‚ butter ‚vegetable oil‚ walnuts and almonds.

Vitamin B-6, It also contains a variety of biochemical reactions, which make immunity stronger. For this, non-vegetarians can eat chicken ‚egg and salmon fish, but non-vegetarian foods should be cooked and cooked at a temperature of 100 degrees. Vegetarian people can complete this vitamin B-6 deficiency by consuming soyabean ‚gram‚ milk and potato.

note- All the information related to health given in this article has been written for informational purpose. It should not be substituted for the treatment of any disease or medical advice and we do not claim that the tips mentioned in the article will work perfectly, so before trying any tips or suggestions given in the article, the doctor Be sure to consult with.



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