COVID-19: How to check your immunity?  With these symptoms, know whether your immune system is strong or weak!

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The second wave of Kovid-19 epidemic has once again started taking hold of the whole world. According to the news, the number of Kovid victims is increasing at a rate of 3 times more than last year. Although some vaccines have come against it, but Corona is not sparing anyone. Even today, people are considering social distancing and masks as the biggest basis of self-defense. Even today, doctors are suggesting to improve immunity. They believe that if your immunity is good, then Corona will not spoil you much. In such a situation, the question arises that how can you know whether your immunity is weak or strong?

According to Physician Dr. Amit Gupta at a private hospital in Gurugram, there can be many reasons for the weakness of immunity. Usually the immunity of normal children is so strong that they can fight many types of infections without medication. But with increasing age, immunity starts to weaken. Often, our lifestyle also becomes the reason for our weak immunity, this increases the risk of damage from the virus. One reason may also be that if a person is already struggling with a minor disease, then his immunity may be weak, although immunity of all such patients is weak, it is not necessary, but most Patients have this weakness. Sometimes, due to the change in the weather, immunity is also affected.

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Can any other person’s immunity be affected due to any other reason? In response, Dr. Amit says – ‘Yes, there may be more reasons for weak immunity, such as smoking or alcohol addiction, not feeling hungry, not getting enough sleep, habits like relying more on fast food than nutritious foods. Weak immunity. ‘ Dr. Amit says that if you want, you can also check your immunity. For example, if you see these five symptoms in yourself, then understand that your immunity is weak and there is an urgent need to increase it. A strong immune system provides us with the ability to fight many diseases.

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Symptoms of weak immunity:

* Dark circles under the eyes

* Not feeling fresh after waking up in the morning

* Feeling inability to concentrate

* stomach problems

* Feel irritated,

* Frequent aggressiveness of small and big diseases.

* Feeling tired after minor tasks

* Sneezing or coughing due to light cold or hot food.

It is noteworthy that the country is becoming troubled by Corona. Everyday Corona is setting its new record. More than 2 lakh cases of corona have been seen in the country for the second consecutive day. According to the Health Ministry data, 2,17,353 new Kovid-19 cases have been reported in India in the last 24 hours, while more than a thousand people have died.

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