How to get rid of hair loss problem


At the present time there is no age for hair fall problem. Everyone from youth to working professionals face two-four with this problem. Then when it comes to the winter season, the problem becomes even more serious:

Apply oil regularly

In fact, after childhood, we start treating hair oil as a sign of backwardness. It seems to us to be out of fashion. While in reality, hair oiling is the most traditional and surefire recipe for nourishing hair. By applying oil on the hair, you not only give a natural layer on your hair, but also nourish the scalp.

Do not tie your hair tight

To prevent hair fall, consider thoroughly how to tie your hair. Is it that you tie your hair too tightly? For example, if you tie ponytails, pigtails or breads, then you have to tie the hair very tightly. Sometimes it is fine then, but if you tie hair like this every day, then you have to improve your habit.

Avoid chemical treatment

These days we get bored with the same look quickly and find ways to change our look through hair. Sometimes they get curling, sometimes coloring… sometimes straightening, sometimes hot ironing…. Keep in mind that they make your hair very weak.

Nutritious food

Nutritious food is very important not only for our body but also for our hair. If there is a deficiency of any vitamin-mineral in our body, then its effect will be seen on the skin as well as the hair. First the hair will start falling out. So keep your food balanced.

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Reduce dryer use

We commonly use blow dryers to dry our hair. It makes our scalp dry and damages hair follicles. So try to use the blow dryer sparingly.

Avoid combing wet hair

Do not comb wet hair. This causes hair to fall from the root. Allow the excess water to soak completely by pressing the towels with light hands and then keep them open and let them dry with natural air.


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