How to protect yourself from dry eye problems in winter


The problem of dry skin increases greatly during the severe winter season. Somebody’s eyes also become very dry. Because of this, there is also a lot of irritation. So do not ignore these symptoms at all because these are serious symptoms of dry eye syndrome, if not noticed, it can increase and cause great damage to your eyes. So let us explain what is dry eyes syndrome

Dry eyes syndrome

Dry eyes are a serious problem in winter in general. These troubles spread very rapidly in people during the hot winter, these troubles are symptoms of a serious disease called dry-eye syndrome.


1. Smog – For all the serious problems related to the eyes, if we say that winter is the worst season, it will not be wrong at all, because during this time the atmosphere causes a lot of smog (mixture of fog and smoke), due to which the eye dry. Serious problems like eyes also increase.

2. hormone – Dry eye problems are more common in women than men, due to excessive changes in the hormones of women due to pregnancy or the use of birth control pills.

3. Heavy Eye Makeup – Many times due to heavy eye make-up, there is complete blockage in the oil glands of the eyes, due to which there is a serious problem of dry eyes.

Symptoms : Itching, burning, sudden decrease in eye moisture, etc. are some very common symptoms.

Prevention: –

Keep eyes as far away from mobiles and laptops as possible.

– Protect eyes from smoke.

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– Drink more and more water and eat foods containing vitamins A, C, E and Omega fatty acids.

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