How to relieve breast pain during pregnancy


It is a great privilege to be a mother. But when women go through pregnancy, they have to face many health problems. One of the problems is pain in the breasts. Many women have this problem during pregnancy. Often women complain that they are having breast pain.

According to doctors, there are some changes in the body during pregnancy. Blood circulation and breast size also increase. Doctors recommend that the breasts should be thoroughly washed during pregnancy. If the nipples are seated and loose, they should be gently and gently raised by the fingers and massaged to make them advanced and sufficiently raised, so that the newborn’s mouth can be well placed.

Apart from this, doctors also say that sometimes the nipples get cut and because of this, there is pain in the breasts. For this, take a little pure ghee or cow’s milk, fluff up the icing and mix it. Also add a pinch of sulfur. Mix all three together and make a paste and apply it on the nipples of the breasts 3-4 times a day. Applying a little camphor mixed in fresh butter is also beneficial.

If possible, do not eat too much fried things. Clothes are not always worn at your convenience, wear too tight, nor be too loose. If you are having a lot of pain, go to your doctor and have a checkup done.

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