How to remove wart



A black or brown spot that appears on our face is called a wart. This wart does not give us any pain or discomfort, but it comes in the middle of your dreams. Some people have it from the time of birth but some it happens with time. There are many medical remedies to remove it like surgery, medicines and more, but if we can fix it by taking a little time ourselves, then why waste your money. Today we have brought for you some easy remedies with the help of which you can get rid of warts. Use the remedy given below and drive away the wart in no time.

1. Agarbatti If you are suffering from warts on your face or any other part of the body, then use incense sticks. First of all burn the incense sticks, touch the incense sticks on the part of the wart that is on your wart. Keep in mind that incense sticks only touch the wart. By doing this experiment 8-10 times, your wart will soon fall off the bar.

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2. Vinegar Vinegar is also beneficial in the treatment of warts. Take a cotton piece and soak it in vinegar and apply it on the wart. After that wash your face with clean water. Do this daily for a few days. Your wart will fall in a few days.


3. Pineapple Take fresh pineapple and chop it. Now rub his piece on your wart. Clean your mouth after doing this daily. Within a few days your wart will disappear.


4. Rose water– Fill the rose water in a vial and keep it in the sun for some time. Now take a piece of cotton and apply rose water on it and apply it on your wart. After applying rose water, leave the face for 15 minutes and wash your face with clean water. By doing this, your face will also be clean and your wart will also be cured in a few days.

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Rose Water

5. Potatoes Peel the potato, cut it, and rub it on your wart. Do this 3-4 times a day. By doing this, your wart will be completely clean in a few days.


6. Garlic Garlic is also beneficial in warts. Peel the garlic buds and rub each bud on the wart. This is a home remedy that works very quickly. Your wart will leave you soon.

7. Banyan Leaves Banyan tree leaves are also an agave treatment for warts. Remove the juice of banyan leaves and apply that oil on the wart area daily, it will be very beneficial for you. Use it for some time, your wart will fall very soon. And your skin will be very clear.

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