If a dead person talks to you in a dream?  Learn what the dream scripture says

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Often, dead people also appear in our dreams. Research shows that the dead people of the family appear in dreams for two reasons. The first reason may be spiritual and the second reason may be psychological. About 70 percent of the dead are seen in dreams due to spiritual reasons, while 30 percent or less are seen due to psychological reasons. Some of the psychological reasons may be due to guilt or regret of not spending some time with him in the last minute. On the contrary, after dying due to spiritual reasons, the deceased may have a desire to meet his descendants in Prithvi Loka or to show displeasure with h is own person for any reason. But in the context of the dead person’s appearance in the dream, the dream scripture has its own interpretation. Let’s see what the dream scripture says on this subject. Also read: Saw Moon in Your Dreams? What can it mean when the moon is seen in a dream, know what the dream scripture says


Dead person giving some advice

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If a dead person is trying to give you some advice or suggestion in the dream, it is a sign that you are currently working on some big plan, and you are in a dilemma whether to do something or not. . If you believe in dream science, then you can do that work immediately, you are more likely to get success.

Talking dead

Often a close dead person of the family comes to you in a dream and wants to talk a lot. That is, he is very happy with you. You are feeling very good about his words, according to the dream scripture, this can be auspicious sign for you. That is, something very good is going to happen in your house soon, which can bring happiness in your happiness. Some of your stalled work is nearing completion. Also read: If you see fire or water in your dream, understand what is going to happen to you, know what can happen and what cannot

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Confuse of a dead person

Sometimes even a dead person is seen in a dream, who wants to tell you something, but he is not able to explain his point, nor are you able to understand his intentions, if you see such a dream, be cautious. Should it happen, it can be a sign of an unpleasant event. One should try to forget by dreaming like this.

The sad sight of a dead person in a dream

If a dead person is seen in a dream and there is sadness on his face, tears in his eyes, and he is looking sad, then he can understand that some of his wishes are not fulfilled yet, he is sad because of not getting salvation. In such a situation, that person’s final wish should be fulfilled. If the last wish is not known, then donating money, clothes, shoes etc. to a poor or needy person in his name can bring peace to his soul. If you do not want to do this work, then tell a living member of the dead person about the dream and suggest that he do something for the peace of his soul.

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