Sehat 2021: Increase oxygen level by 'prone' at home if beds are not found in the hospital!  Know what is prone?  How many times a day?

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Pruning: The situation of Corona in the country is becoming increasingly frightening. Every day more than 3 lakh people are getting infected with corona. The situation has become even more explosive for the last few days. Almost every Kovid hospitals in the country are being told the shortage of Oxygen Cylinder. Hundreds of patients are dying due to lack of oxygen on time. In such a situation, doctors are suggesting those patients to lie on the prone position. Doctors say that if the oxygen level is less than 94, they should be put in the prone position in case of not getting oxygen on time, due to which the oxygen label of the patient can be brought back to normal. What is a prone position after all? And how can this increase oxygen label? In this context, let’s learn what Dr. Sumit of a private hospital in Gurgaon says.

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Due to the increasing number of corona infected in every city of the country including Delhi, there is a huge shortage of oxygen cylinders along with beds in the hospital. Because of this, the mortality rate of corona infected is continuously increasing. In this context, Dr. Sumit, a doctor at Myom Hospital, Gurgaon, says that every hospital has a fixed quota of oxygen. Sometimes the hospital management arranges if it is a little bit up and down. But the number of patients coming to hospitals, in that number there are no beds, nor oxygen nor staff in the hospitals. In such a situation, if the corona patient is put in the prone position, then to a large extent the oxygen label can be brought to the normal label. Also read: Health 2021: Keto diet, how beneficial or how harmful can this slim-trim recipe be? Know what the experts say?

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Dr. Gupta explains that if the patient’s oxygen label falls below 94, and beds are not being provided in hospitals, then instead of running around on the patient, try to increase his oxygen label at home to a great extent. Till the patient can be saved. These days giving a prone position to a Kovid patient is proving to be very effective. How long should the patient lie in the chrome position during the day? Dr. Gupta says that the patient should be littered in this position for about half to one and a quarter to two and three times a day. By doing this, the patient’s lungs expands, the ventilation perfusion index improves, and the patient’s oxygen label begins to normalize. If the condition is not normal, then medical advice should be sought immediately.

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Here’s how to do

Lie on your stomach and place a pillow under the neck, two pillows under the knees and knees and place a pillow under the toes. This should be done three times a day for 40 to 45 minutes. This results in smooth circulation of blood in the lungs, and increases the spread of fluid present in the lungs and the oxygen label begins to normalize. It gives up to 80 percent of the benefits as a ventilator.


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