If you also do Pranayama, then do read it


  • Yoga keeps the body healthy, but you know that if it is not done properly or you do not know what to be careful while doing it, then its benefits will be less harm. Just as in doing yoga, it is necessary to focus on breathing, in the same way there are some rules of Pranayama. Also, what things should be kept in mind while doing pranayama and it is also necessary to take care of what is important to know before doing it.
  • Whenever you start Pranayama, first do it under the supervision of an expert. It is important to have the right knowledge of when and how to breathe and how to take breath. If you are suffering from some serious disease, then before taking Pranayama, please consult the doctor. Never depend on pranayama except for the medicine of some serious disease. Always do Pranayama on an empty stomach. You can drink water, but you can do pranayama only after 15 minutes of drinking it.
  • Do the Anulom-Antonyms either in the morning or in the evening after sunset. Do not do at all in the afternoon. Physically weak, anemic people should not do much breathing and exhaling during pranayama. Breathing and exhaling more than four times would be enough.
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