If you also eat someone’s false food, then definitely read this news


It has been said in the scriptures that any person’s false food brings negative thoughts in their body. Due to which your nature also becomes completely like the person in front. Whether we eat our brother’s liar or our friend’s or our parents’ liar, there are many important changes in our nature. Let us know what the consequences of eating some false food can be.

Happiness decreases
Eating someone’s false food greatly reduces your happiness. It is said in the scriptures. Sharing food with someone or eating someone falsely reduces your happiness.

There is a struggle in the house

Whether you believe it or not, but if you eat someone’s false food, it will have a profound effect on your family. It is only natural for someone to eat in your home after eating a liar.

Impure thoughts come to mind
It is natural that the impure thoughts of the person whose liar you are eating, definitely comes in your mind. With which your negative thoughts completely go down in your mind and brain.

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