If you also have such dreams, it is going to rain the special blessings of Mother Lakshmi, coincidence to become rich!

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Everyone sees dreams. Most of the dreams we forget due to being busy with everyday tasks, but many dreams are forgotten even if we do not want to. According to dream science, there is a meaning hidden behind every dream. Dreams give us a hint of auspicious and inauspicious events happening in our future. Similarly, there are some such dreams, which indicate that Lakshmi’s special grace is going to rain on us soon. Today we will talk about some similar dreams. Let us know which are those dreams, which can give us money according to the dream scripture. Also read- If a dead person talks to you in a dream? Learn what the dream scripture says.

* Hidden wealth dream

If there is a hidden wealth somewhere in the dream, then the dream scripture believes that you will get money soon. This money can come from any source.

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* Stars in the sky

If you see bright stars in the sky in your dream, then it can be a sign of auspiciousness, that means you or any other family member is going to get benefit in business or promotion or salary increase in job.

* Visions of milk, yogurt or rice

If you see yourself eating milk, curd or curd-rice in your dream, then it can be a sign of growth in your treasury. Such dreams point towards Dhanagam, that is, you are going to be rich soon.

* Walking in the cemetery

If you see yourself walking in the graveyard in a dream, then there is no need to get upset, because the dream of scripture believes that such dreams can prove to be very honorable to you. If you have lent someone, you can get that money soon.

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* Shiva-temple or Surya-chariot was seen in the dream.

If the temple of Shiva is seen in the dream, or if the sun-chariot with seven horses is seen, then it can prove to be very auspicious and auspicious in your coming days. In the context of such dreams, the dream scripture tells that Lakshmi’s grace is going to rain on you soon.

* Lizard sighting in dreams

If you see a lizard crawling in the dream, then there is no need to worry. Rather, it can be considered a sign of your happy future, that is, you are getting the wealth of getting some form from anywhere.

* Dreaming of Jammers Rain

Jamshama in a dream can have mixed results. One can mean that there is going to be a tremendous profit in your business, the other is that there can be a quarrel with your housemate or friend.

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* The appearance of a snake in a dream

You can get scared by seeing snakes in your dreams. But this dream can be a sign that in the near future you can get some benefit from the government sector. Apart from this, the dream scripture also tells that such a dream can also give you wealth or child benefits.

* Seeing yourself committing suicide

The word self-murder is intimidating, and if you saw something like this in your dreams, you might get scared and sit up. But as far as dream science is concerned, the sign of such a dream is that your age has increased, and Goddess Lakshmi is going to show special kindness to you.


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