If you also use the headphone, then first read it


Today, science has made our life easy and convenient. But on the other hand it also has many drawbacks. Let us tell you today about the convenient thing that you like to listen to music, its name is headphones and headphones also have many side effects.

Disadvantages due to use of headphones-

  • Hearing loss

If you listen to music in more than 90 decibels, your ears are likely to suffer a lot of damage. Therefore, you should avoid listening to music continuously. While listening to music, you should stop from time to time, that is, take a break, and at the same time keep its voice at the middle level.

  • Ear infection

Changing headphones with friends and family members can also cause an ear infection, so when you share your headphones with anyone, you must clean your headphones with sanitizer.

  • pain in ear

Excessive listening to music in headphones can also cause pain in your ears, so you should avoid using headphones for a long time, otherwise you can get severe pain in your ears.

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