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A major cause of obesity is low metabolic rate. Many times your weight is not reduced even after a million attempts, the reason behind this is that the metabolic rate is so low that even after all the exercises, the weight is not reduced. In such a situation, it is important to improve metabolic rate with exercise first. For this, a change in exercise should be accompanied by a change in catering. Sometimes eating a pizza or burger does not increase your weight. But metabolicism gradually decreases with age. In such a situation, it is important to take some precautions so that the metabolic rate is correct so that your weight does not increase. Let’s learn about today how to increase your metabolic rate.

Eat plenty of chili spices

Make a habit of eating chili spicy food as it works to increase your metabolic rate rapidly. Both chilli green or red works to increase metabolic rate. Along with this, it also keeps your weight under control. The use of chili from one to five grams helps to increase the metabolic rate by about 20 percent.

Do a lot of weight training

You know weight training is more effective for women than men. This has been proven in research. Not only this, where the mass of muscles is maintained with cardio exercise, the fat stored in your body is melted by doing weight training. Not only this, the metabolic rate is rapidly activated.

Start taking protein rich diet

Protein rich diet also activates metabolic rate faster. Along with maintaining the muscle, it is more effective in burning calories. Those who follow more protein rich diet always have better metabolic rate.

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