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  • You must have generally seen that many people are very fond of food, and if you are fond of rice even in food, then you should be completely careful. Because people who eat too much rice, they can have some serious diseases in the body. Very good amount of carbohydrate is found in rice, as well as it does not contain nutrients, due to which our body does not get any special benefit from consuming rice. That is why we get hungry soon after consuming rice.
  • Normally, after eating rice, our body gets very lazy. Consumption of rice causes a very high level of sugar in our body, causing sleepiness and laziness in our body. Those who work after eating always should not consume rice. The patient of asthma should not consume rice at all. Rice effect is very cold, due to which there is a possibility of fatal serious disease like asthma.
  • Rice greatly increases the problem of obesity in our body. Fat is found in a large amount in rice, so if you want to be thin, then you should stop eating rice completely. If you ever want to eat rice, then in this case, you can eat brown rice very well. Brown rice does not contain fat at all.
  • Rice increases your sugar level completely. Excessive consumption of rice can prove to be extremely harmful for the sufferers of diabetes, because the amount of glucose in the rice is very high, it causes high sugar levels, so diabetic patients should not consume rice This may be better for their health.
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