If you are also thin and thin then consume this thing, then see


If you are also thin, then read this whole news which by reading and doing, you too can get a clean body. If you also eat good food and still if your body is not growing then this is a concern for you. If you use the method described in this article and exercise as well as you can, then your leanness can go away.

Make your body thinner in this way

  • You must first grind 200 grams of cashew nuts to try this recipe. After grinding cashew nuts, you will need to pour this powder in 1 glass of water and then mix it well. Now after mixing these two, it will look white like milk.
  • Now you drink this mixture in the morning and at night, and stomach hungry, and after drinking you exercise for about 1 hour. After half an hour of exercising, you also have a little breakfast. By doing this you will see results very soon.

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