If you are also troubled by mouth ulcers, then try this easy recipe


You must know that if there is a blister in the mouth then it becomes difficult to eat, drink and live. But its treatment is available all around you. Actually oral blisters are a common problem. Sometimes, eating food or spicy food causes blisters on the tongue, on the lips and inside, which usually heal in 5-7 days. Sometimes blisters do not heal for a long time which hurts while eating.

At times, it also causes bleeding. In such a situation, the doctor must examine them, as they can be fatal.

Heat 50 grams of desi ghee and add 6 grams of camphor to it. Now put this mixture on the mouth where you have blisters. Doing this will cure your mouth blisters very quickly. You should put real ghee inside the mouth while sleeping at night, it cures mouth blisters. This is a beneficial desi recipe.

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