If you are not a victim of diabetes mellitus, know the symptoms and effects of this disease


Diabetes mellitus has become the leading cause of coronavirus deaths. Diabetes mellitus is a type of diabetes in which blood sugar levels are very high in the blood. The main cause of diabetes mellitus is the sensitivity of insulin controlling blood sugar level and lack of proper communication in the cells. Diabetes mellitus is the name of a group of metabolic diseases. Diabetes mellitus is also known as DM.

Diabetes mellitus includes all types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and secondary diabetes are the main types of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus has been the leading cause of death in Haryana. As of August 2, 62 per cent of the deaths in Haryana were related to the same disease.

According to data released by the Health Department, 8 percent of the 433 people infected with the virus were hit by the same disease. According to statistics, there were many diseases among those who died.

Director of Health Services Dr Usha Gupta said that simultaneous combination of several diseases in the patient is the main cause of deaths from Kovid-19. In this, the patient has hypertension, diabetes and many diseases simultaneously.

When diabetes mellitus occurs, the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient insulin. The body’s ability to properly transmit insulin decreases.

The main symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Citing more water and more hunger
Frequent urination
Reduced eyesight
Body fatigue
Sudden weight loss
Injury or delay in healing
Urine infection occurring frequently
Diabetes mellitus patients should protect themselves

People suffering from diabetes need to be more vigilant about their glucose level.
Diabetes sufferers should take such a diet along with the drug to control their sugar.
Appropriate medicines should be taken to keep your condition under control.
Diabetes patients should take care of themselves in this epidemic.
Take regular medicines prescribed by the doctor including insulin.
Exercise daily, it reduces the effect of disease.