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You must have often heard that Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday. This saying comes true at sixteen, because the egg is a treasure trove of nutrients. It contains folate, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, vitamin-A, B, E and K, which are beneficial for health. Doctors also recommend eating eggs to stay healthy. Eggs are also beneficial for hair. By applying this, hair becomes black and thick. Many people are of the opinion that people eat eggs to make a body. While normal people should not consume or reduce it, but it is not so. Egg is very beneficial for health. If you do not know, then let us know why egg is important for health-

Beneficial for mental health

According to experts, vitamin B is found in the egg, which plays an important role in brain function. Also reduces swelling gradually. Eating eggs allows a person to concentrate more in their work than before.

Egg is a balanced meal

As we all know that eggs contain appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals and various nutrients, which are beneficial for health. By this the body can get all the nutrients. Therefore, egg is very important for health.

Beneficial for heart

Eggs contain a lot of high-density lipoprotein. Those who have heart problems should consume eggs. However, overeating should be avoided. For this, one should eat 2 eggs a day.

Keeps eyes healthy

Egg contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to keep the retina healthy. This is confirmed by a research published in the Journal of Clinics in Dermatology. For this, definitely eat eggs. It keeps the eyes safe and healthy.

Helpful in reducing weight

If you are troubled by your increasing weight and want to control it, you can consume eggs. This fills the stomach quickly and digests late. It burns calories. Doctors also recommend eating eggs to lose weight.



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