If you eat such food at night, then it will be a loss


Eating food is good for health, but eating the right food at the right time can lead to health. Do you know what you should and should not eat at night. There are some foods that threaten your life by eating at night. These healthy foods can harm you. The debate is still going on between doctors on whether this is right or not. Because the food which medical science believes to be healthy has been described as unhealthy in Ayurveda. Well, we are giving some arguments as to why you should not eat this food at night.

Do not forget to eat curd even at night

Eating yogurt at night can be fatal. Although curd is very beneficial for health, but after eating food at night, you go straight to sleep, due to which the curd is not digested and due to this you feel such stomach disease which can be fatal. To digest yogurt, it is very important that you do some work after eating it or else go on a long walk otherwise it will not digest.

Dry meat can be fatal

Meat is good for your health but do you know that one or two days old meat can be fatal for you. The meat starts drying after cutting and then it contains bacteria and when you eat these dry meat, you actually invite disease which can be fatal for your health.

Do not eat pasta at night

Eating pasta at night is harmful to your health. There is a lot of carbs in it. It takes a lot of time to digest, so when you eat it at night, it is not digested due to which you become ill. You should avoid eating anything made of fine flour.

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Fruit salad is deadly

One should not eat salad made of fruits at night. There are two reasons for this, there is a lot of water in it, so if you eat it at night, you will have to go to the toilet frequently and secondly it contains sugar at night when you also eat There are fruits and also you get double sugar protein and carbs from this and you know that everything is bad. Similarly, eating salads in excess or at the wrong time can be harmful for you.


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