If you have such marks near your eyes, then do this work first


You may have heard this too many times that by looking at the facial expressions one can know the nature and feelings of the person, but you know that diseases can also be detected by looking at some of the effects on the face. Know that in reality your face is like a mirror, which at least explains the diseases and deficiencies in your body.

If you can know some of the signs coming on the face, then you will know that the clue of identifying the diseases of the body is giving. Sudden pimples on the face, small rash, yellowing of the eyes, dryness of the lips or a crust are all signs of diseases that are secretly interfering in the body. So let’s talk about it today that if you see this sign on your face, then you should definitely meet a doctor.

Yellowing of eyes

You know that yellow is not visible in the eyes only due to jodis. There are many reasons behind this yellowness. Yellowing of the eyes also increases in anemia. Apart from this, another big sign that shows yellowness is heart disease.

Facial hair

If you suddenly see facial hair on your chin or neck, then take it seriously. It can sometimes be a sign of polystic ovary syndrome. This is a very common disease in women and sometimes due to hormonal changes, facial hair starts coming on the face.

Crust on the lips

Drying of the lips is a sign of lack of water in the body. It also has many more serious consequences. Hypothyroidism causes the crust to form in the lips. In this disease, most of the skin starts getting soft. Fatigue, sudden chills and weight gain are also a reason. Frequent thirst and blurred eyesight is also a symptom.

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Swelling under the eye

Eye bags ie swelling under the eyes are also a sign of a serious result. If there is blue or violet under the eyes and there is swelling in it, then know that it can be a sign of a serious allergy. Sometimes it is also caused by excess of gluten in the body.

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