If you want auspicious day today, then know what to do and what not to do!

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Often, when waking up in the morning, it revolves around what people should do in the morning so that the whole day is auspicious, the family is happy and peace of mind and body. If you really want to do this, then astrology tells you what you should and should not do after waking up in the morning. So let’s know what you have to do after waking up in the morning and what not.

Do these things:

Look at your palm: According to Hindu mythological scriptures, both of our palms are inhabited by Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, Saraswati, the goddess of learning, and Srihari, Palanhar of the world. So when you wake up in the morning, keep both your palms in front of your eyes and watch carefully and pray for the auspiciousness of the whole day. By doing this, peace and happiness prevails in the family. Negative energy is degraded.

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See greenery:

According to Garuda Purana, if you wake up early in the morning and see a green field, then on this day you will get the benefit of virtue and positiveness comes in your body and mind. There is also a belief that Lakshmi resides in nature-rich green places, so Lakshmi is pleased to see gardens and gardens, if not green fields.

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Listening to conch bells or bhajans:

If you hear a conch, a bell or a bhajan-kirtan in the morning when sleep is broken, then understand that God has removed all your troubles and negativity. You join hands in front of God and pray to make your day better. By doing this, you will feel comfortable in yourself throughout the day, you will get full enjoyment of work. That is, your day can be very auspicious.

Appearance of the scavenger

On waking up in the morning, if you see a sweeper sweep outside or take away the garbage, then it can be a sign of your day passing very well. You treat him well, answer his greeting with a smile. If possible, donate money, clothes or food. This will give you happiness, which ends negativity.

See your God:

In the morning when you open your eyes with the hope of an auspicious day, you should first see Ishta Dev, where you see a formless form, it does not bring negativity in your mind. You feel full and full of energy and freshness throughout the day, which affects your work. You have a great day

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Touch parental step:

Parents are like God, there is great power in their blessings. If you wake up in the morning and touch the feet of the parents first, then all the planets in your horoscope become favorable to you, due to which all the problems in your path are averted and every step of your move towards auspiciousness.

Do not do these tasks

Don’t see the mirror

Most of the people see the mirror in the morning as soon as they get up from bed, and decorate themselves. But according to astrology, when we wake up in the morning, our body is affected by negative energy, which has the most effect on the face. As soon as we see our face, that negative energy enters our body through the eyes, which has an effect on our work and behavior. Therefore, after meditating on the Ishta-deva, look at the mirror after washing the face with cold water.

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Do not get into any quarrel with anyone:

Do not get angry at anyone after waking up in the morning, do not use profanity, do not get involved if there is a quarrel or dispute, all these things are a source of negative energy, which can spoil your whole day.

Don’t see your shadow:

First of all, one should not see one’s own shadow after getting up in the morning, because the shadow is considered to be a symbol of bad luck. Viewing shadows creates a state of fear, tension and confusion, due to which a negative effect occurs in the mind, the effect of which can affect the whole day.

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Stay away from negative news:

If you have a habit of reading the newspaper in the morning, then try to read light-hearted news first, which will entertain you. But stay away from TV or social media. Because the negative news coming on it communicates negative energy in you, due to which you remain restless throughout the day.



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