If you want normal delivery, then keep these things in mind during pregnancy


Exercise during pregnancy is safe for the child and greatly reduces the risk of Caesarean section. A recent report on 12,500 women from 16 countries has revealed that women who exercise during pregnancy and take healthy diets have very normal delivery. So let’s say today things should be taken care of for normal delivery.

Aerobics Exercise – According to the Royal College of Abstracts and Gynecologists, women should do aerobics exercise for at least 30 minutes during pregnancy. This includes running, dancing and swimming. But if you feel ill, stop the exercise.

Yoga posture – It should also be kept in mind that there is no exercise intensity during pregnancy. Doing yoga asanas during pregnancy is also very beneficial.

Lots of vegetables and fruits – It is also advisable to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. But keep in mind that cleanliness of beans is equally important.

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