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For some people, summer is enough, and soon skin problems will come. Our ancestors have told many natural remedies for this.

Skin diseases can be cured by eating Vallara with pumpkin in green butter

Take the valerian, clean it, dry it in the shade and crush it. Take the pumpkin juice, dry it and powder it. Take equal amount of both powders and mix together. Take five to six grams of the powder and mix it with green butter in the morning and evening and eat it daily to reduce skin diseases.

Grind the husk bark and mix it with cow urine and apply it on the body to reduce skin diseases. Grind a handful of wasabi and 3 small onions and apply it all over the body and after half an hour take a bath in hot water to cure skin related ailments.

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Take the stone leaf, clean it, crush it and squeeze the juice. Applying the juice on the body will reduce skin diseases.

Add 20 g Nannari root in half a liter of water and boil well. It should also drop to 200ml. If you drink 100 ml in the morning and 100 ml in the evening, you will not know where the skin disease was.

Follow the above mentioned natural medicine methods and stay tuned for this summer.



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