If you want to get Corona vaccine, then go through the whole process of vaccination


Coronavirus has caused the whole world a year, now the time has come to overcome it. Vaccination process is going to start soon in the country. The corona vaccine is the only better way to control the virus. If you are going to get this vaccine also, then it is very important to know about which process you will have to go through. We give you complete information about the difficulties you will face in the vaccination campaign.

It is important to know about the Kovin app:

If you are going to vaccinate Corona, then definitely know about what is the Covin app. The Kovin App is an app created by the Government of India and the Ministry of Health. The whole process of vaccine will be carried out through this app. The entire process of vaccination will be completed through this app. In this app, the complete process information will be kept. All the activities from registration of vaccine to vaccination will be done through this ace. All this preparation of the government is so that no problem arises during the vaccination process. You can download this Cowin app for free from the digital platform.

Register yourself if you want to get a vaccine:

Every person who gets a Corona vaccine must first register themselves through the app. After that a message will come on the person’s mobile informing him that which center he is going to get vaccinated. Every person who gets vaccinated will be given a unique ID and this code will also be kept safe in the government’s Digi Locker app.

Vaccination process:

When you arrive at the center where you want to get the vaccine, firstly your thermal scanning will be done and then you will have to tell your registration number. After that it will be matched to the list of applications and after matching you will also have to show the message received on the phone. After this, going to another table, you have to show your ID proof (eg Aadhar card, Voter card, Driving license etc.). Further processing will begin only after your identity is matched.

How and how long will the vaccine take:

The last process after vaccination of registration and identification is to get vaccinated. At the end you will be sent to the third table where the vaccine will be placed. It takes five to seven minutes to apply the vaccine. After this, when the vaccine is in place, you will be kept there for half an hour. After this, when you become normal then you will be sent home.



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