If you want to get rid of the problem of teeth and gums


Often, our teeth bleed, but we mostly ignore this. Brushing is very necessary in the morning, it clears our teeth and removes the bacteria hidden in the teeth. Cleaning teeth is as important as cleaning the gums.

Let me tell you that bleeding from the gums means swelling in the musso but we do not pay any more attention to it, due to which it becomes a serious problem for us going forward. Today we are giving you some easy tips by which you can get rid of the discomfort of your teeth and gums.

If you get pain in your teeth or while brushing, put alum in a glass and rinse it with this water. Because alum has anti-bacterial properties which helps a lot in stopping the blood coming from teeth. Apart from this, rinse with salt in water during the day will give relief from pain in the teeth and the risk of infection in the gums is also reduced.

Mustard oil is considered highly beneficial for gums. To strengthen the gums, massage the teeth and gums by adding a little salt in 1 teaspoon mustard oil before going to bed at night. This will stop bleeding from your gums completely. At the same time, soak cotton in clove oil and apply it to the gums and teeth and clean the mouth with lukewarm water. Apart from this, placing cloves under the teeth is also highly beneficial.


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