If you want to keep your heart healthy then eat chocolate


To stay healthy it is necessary to eat a balanced diet daily. If you eat more then you start gaining weight and if you eat less then the weight starts to decrease. Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to balance in the diet. If you do not pay attention to your diet, then there is a lack of nutrients in the body, due to which the body starts to slim down. For this, people adopt various tactics. Workout and eat a lot. Despite this, they do not get success in gaining weight. If you are also troubled by thinness then you can add these things to your diet. By using them, you will see the effect soon. Let’s know-

Eat salmon daily

Add two pieces of salmon to your diet daily. This will give you balanced protein which will help in weight gain.

peanut butter

Eat peanut butter daily in the morning with bread. This will give you 192 calories. Along with this, protein will also be obtained.

Eat eggs daily

Eat 2-2 eggs daily in the morning and evening. Egg is the main source of protein. It contains vitamin-A, D, E, which are beneficial for health. You will see an effect in egg intake soon.

Drink fruit juice

The simplest way to gain weight is juice. If you drink a glass of juice daily, it will have a favorable effect on your health and you will become fat soon.

Eat wheat flour bread

A bun contains approximately 69 calories. Therefore, eat at least four loaves of bread. If you want, you can also take it during lunch time.

Eat dried fruits too

Eating dried fruits provides calories quickly. According to experts, the proportion of fresh fruits is more chloride than dried fruits. Therefore, eat dried fruits daily.

Eat yogurt daily

Add yogurt to your diet daily. Its intake provides 118 calories, which is effective in weight gain.



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