If you want to reduce the impact of pollution in the house, then make these changes


Along with Corona, air pollution is becoming another major problem for the people. The wintry weather has knocked and pollution is increasing continuously by burning stubble on the other side. From home to outside you are forced to breathe in this poisonous air. To avoid contaminated air, we avoid venturing out, but you know your house is not safe too. The quality of air is continuously deteriorating, due to which harmful chemicals are entering the body through our breath. These poisonous gases are causing irritation to the eyes, trouble in breathing, especially for asthma patients.

Air filled with poisonous gases is also damaging your health in your home, so it is important to find ways to avoid this contaminated air. We give you some natural methods by which you can purify the air of the house.

Increase ventilation in the house so that the air can be purified:

Poisonous gases do not leave you in the house, so purify the air of the house. Nowadays people live in the flat where there is absolutely no movement of air and water. Due to lack of ventilation in the room, the gases that enter the room remain the same, which are harmful for health. Ventilation reduces mosquito levels in the home.

Most of the contaminated air in the house is present in the kitchen, because the kitchen is constantly cooking. Therefore, it is important to arrange ventilation in the kitchen and must install exhaust fan so that the air is continuously purified.


You know candles also purify the air. You should choose candles that burn without smoke in the house. If you like scented candles at home, then avoid paraffin candles, these candles produce petroleum and leave benzene, toluene and soot in the air. Candles also act as natural air purifiers. Wax candles work slowly, so there is no need to change them quickly. You should choose only those candles which are pure. That is, those which burn without smoke and are odorless. Such candles are helpful for asthma patients and in removing allergies like dust from the air.

Salt lamp will purify the house air

Salt lamp is also the best option for purifying the air. The crystals present in the salt reduce the particles contaminated by air by pulling the moisture present in the air. Himalayan pink salt is a natural ionic air purifier that reduces toxic gases from the environment.

You can also use this lamp at night. This lamp does not disturb your sleep at night. Its pink light does not destroy sleep hormones.

Use charcoal

Use activated charcoal as a natural air purifier. A great way to purify indoor air is charcoal, also known as activated carbon.

It is odorless, and works wonders with eliminating toxins from the air. Bamboo charcoal is another great way to purify the air naturally at home.

If you want to purify the air, then clean the house carpet daily.
If dust settles on household items, do not wipe it, but wipe it with wet cloth.
If you have plants at home, clean the leaves regularly to get rid of dirt.



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