If your neighbor has arrived Corona positive, then do this work


Lifestyle Desk. Friends, today the whole world is struggling with the corona epidemic. Friends, the problem of this disease is that if someone from our city comes to Corona positive, then our whole city and village gets scared. But friends, we do not need to panic from this disease, rather we should face it with full security. Friends, if your neighbor comes to Corona positive, then we are going to tell you about the things that we should take care of.1. Friends, if you are infected with neighboring corona, then stay in your house. Please tell that you keep distance from the family members of the infected patient.2. Friends, if you have infected the neighboring corona, then whenever you come out, cover your mouth and come out. Explain that while walking out of the house, you wear a pair of disposable gloves, so that you can avoid touching the doors and stairs in public places. If possible, use the sanitizer every time.



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