Know these important things about periods



Periods are a subject that people shy away from talking about. Not only this, in many places girls are also treated very badly these days. Every woman has to go through periods. In these days, women also face many problems. There are many beliefs about this in the society.

Many believe that in these days girls become impure. In such a situation, they should not go to the kitchen or temple but nothing like this happens. Actually, in this process, the unfertilized egg comes out of the body.

If a girl has missed her period, it means that she is pregnant but the reason behind it may be something else. Sometimes periods also get missed due to stress and poor diet.

It is said that one should not bathe with hot water during periods but it is good for health. Bathing with lukewarm water reduces pain and provides relief.

From the first time you must have heard the saying that in these days, touching pickle spoils it, but it is a practice. Touching something does not spoil it.

Some people think that one should not exercise in these days, but it is not so. Exercise should never be done if the problem is more, but if the problem is less then exercising definitely relaxes the muscles.