Black Fungus: Is Black Fungus Spreading Through Chicken-Mutton?  Know what experts say

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Black Fungus: There seems to be a brake on the second wave of Coronavirus in India. A few days ago, more than 4 lakh corona positive cases were being registered officially every 24 hours, today this number has reached around 1 lakh. According to experts, corona positive cases will continue to decrease progressively. Although now the increasing number of patients of Black Fungus has become a headache for doctors, in the meantime this news on social media has put people in breath that consumption of chicken is the main cause of black fungus, is it really chicken? Can consumption cause black fungus? Let us know what Dr Jitendra Singh, a Delhi doctor has to say in this context.

Amidst the gradually diminishing effect of the second wave of corona infection, another infection black fungus has created a new panic. In fact, many people recovering from corona are falling prey to the black fungus ie Mucormycosis. Health experts are calling it steroids and diabetes and dirty environment as the main reason, but in the meantime, social media is becoming increasingly viral, it is being claimed that chicken is also a reason for black fungus infection, but Dr Jitendra Singh It is considered meaningless news to be misleading without any reason. According to them – chicken or mutton is cooked and consumed properly, then it is not harmful, and now the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also confirmed that it is a fungal infection, which is caused by a fungus called Mucor mycetes. Caused by a group of fungus. They enter the patient’s body through the nose and mouth and cause damage to the lungs and other parts of the body. Also read: Black Fungus: Big decision of Delhi government, declared Mucormycosis an epidemic

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What is the news going viral?

In the news going viral, it is being claimed that black fungus infection is spreading through chicken. For this reason, the Punjab government has declared the poultry farm as an infected area. It has been said in the claim that black fungus is spreading due to eating farm chicken. So far thousands of people have shared this news on their WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

However, this claim has been proved to be completely false. PIB has also done a fact check related to this. Accordingly, the picture going viral has been edited. Actually this news was in the context of bird flu..

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How does black fungus spread?

According to Dr Jitendra Singh, the fungus is in our environment. They are not able to do any harm to those who have good health, but they show their effect on those with weak immunity. Patients with diabetes who have been on steroids, or who have had an argon transplant, and are hospitalized after being infected with corona, can infect the fungus present in the environment there. Apart from this, due to the corona-infected patient who is kept on oxygen for a long time, they can also spread fungal infection. Sometimes there is a risk of such infection due to moisture in the mask.

These symptoms may be signs of black fungus.

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The main symptoms of black fungus include redness or dark spots around the eyes or nose. Their infection on the skin can cause pimples or blisters. The site of infection may turn black. Some patients also feel pain in the eyes, blurred vision, abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea. Also read: Black Fungus: A total of 1044 patients of black fungus in Delhi, 92 have been cured so far, 89 have died

How to escape?

According to Dr Jitendra Singh, it is very important to control diabetes to avoid black fungus. Steroids should be used only in very emergency. As soon as there is any sign of black fungus, after consulting a specialist, the necessary tests should be started and the medicine should be started. Any delay in this can prove fatal for the patient. It will not be appropriate to take any medicine from your own mind or at the behest of someone. To avoid all these problems, it would be prudent to get a vaccine.


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