Is mobile phone radiation really a threat to pregnant women, know here


new Delhi. Several studies have proved that advanced technology can pose a threat to pregnant women around the world. Although everyone knows that X-ray radiation is extremely dangerous to their health and to their baby, they are unaware of the fact that exposure to Smartphone radiation is a risk of Misscarriage. Doubles.

These radiation can be caused by many electrical devices such as power lines and transformers, wireless devices, and wireless networks. Ionizing radiation carries the risk of many diseases such as cancer, genetic problems etc. Scientists in their research found that women who were more in the magnetic field had a 2.75 times higher risk of miscarriage than those who were far away from them.

Pregnant woman

Radiation can adversely affect our health. Therefore, little care should be taken during pregnancy. When you are not using the phone, keep it away from yourself. Do not always keep the phone in your pocket. At bedtime, keep it under the pillow only after turning off the phone. The radiation of the phone can also affect your child.


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