Jamun kernels are no less than a boon for diabetes patients



Consumption of berries works to improve your body’s digestive process. But do you know how beneficial the kernels of berries that you throw away are worthless for your health.

Let’s know the benefits of jamun kernels

Diabetes is cured by slicing powder of jambule with 1-2 grams of water in the morning.

If there is a blister or wound in the foot on wearing new shoes, then rubbing kernels of jambule on it cures the wound.

Taking one spoon powder of jambule powder two or three times a day provides relief in dysentery.

When the stones become stone, use its powder with curd. This will remove the problem of stones in the stomach.

If there is a problem of bleeding, mix twenty five percent peepal bark powder in the powder of jambule and take two to three times a day with a spoonful of cold water.

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