Just get rid of hair loss problem with this one solution


Nowadays hair problem has become common. There are many reasons for this, but mis-eating, poor lifestyle, stress and anxiety are the main ones. According to experts, dihydrotestosterone is also a type of hormone which is a cause of hair fall and fall. It gives rise not only to depression, but also to many such diseases, which have a negative effect on a person’s puberty. It is also responsible for hair growth. When there is an imbalance in it, the hair starts to ripen and fall. This imbalance is caused by stress. If you are also troubled by falling hair and want to get rid of it, then balance the dihydrotestosterone hormone. Also, do this remedy-

What is dihydrotestosterone

DHT is a type of hormone that is helpful for hair growth. This hormone is also related to a person’s memory, temperament and concentration. If a person’s temperament changes, doctors recommend a stress-free life to control DHT levels, pay special attention to diet, and social activity. DHT also plays an important role in muscle development.

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial

Pumpkin seeds contain vitamin C, protein, fiber, sodium carbohydrate, iron, and folate. They are beneficial in increasing diabetes, insomnia, immunity. Also, DHT levels are also controlled by its intake. If you are troubled by falling hair, then you grind the pumpkin seeds and apply it in your hair. This can give hair a rest. Experts also recommend applying pumpkin seed oil to the hair to get rid of the problem of falling hair.

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