Kajal At Home: – Easy tips to make kajal at home


Kajal works to make the eyes more beautiful and attractive, but there are many girls who do not even like to leave the house without kajal.

But if you also want to avoid using kajal in the market, then today we tell you how you can make kajal at your home, so let’s know.

material :- 1 bowl of desi ghee, lamp of light, a bronze plate

Method :- First of all, take a bowl or lamp and put ghee in it and apply the wick and keep it well immersed in the ghee. When the light is well immersed, then burn it.

Now place the bronze plate on top of it in such a way that half of this plate comes on top of the lamp and half comes to the ground, in this way the plate will cover the lamp slightly. Now leave the lamp burning in about 3 to 4 hours on the plate. It will freeze, take it out with a clean knife and fill it in a clean bottle, now you can take it with clean fingers as per your requirement.



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