Weekly Horoscope 2021: Kalashanti Astrology Weekly Horoscope (3rd to 9th May)

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How will your family life be this week? How will the situation be in the financial condition, health and work area? To calm your curiosities, we present the Kalashanti Astrology Weekly Horoscope (Horoscope) based on your ascendancy. Know, what are you going to get this week, what will be beneficial for you and what precautions you should take to avoid problems. Aries Ascendant: This week, Aries people may have to work harder in the field. There may be some problems with the parents. You can get good results this week in matters related to income. You can get benefit from elder brother and friends this week. If there was any problem with the child, it can be overcome. Travel totals will be made and money will also be spent.

Taurus Ascendant: This week the zodiac signs of Taurus will get auspicious results regarding work. You can get the benefit of promotion etc. in the job. Daily amenities will increase this week. This week, there may be minor problems related to health. Due to laziness, some of your work may be incomplete this week. Your daily income will increase this week. The cooperation of friends will benefit you.

Gemini Ascendant: This week, the Gemini zodiac may initially suffer physical and mental discomfort. Money can be received this week. Due to the might, your tasks will be completed easily. You can shop for a new building this week. Those who are looking for jobs and business can get success. Family life will remain sweet.

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Cancer Ascendant: This week, the zodiac signs of Cancer zodiac may deteriorate with your spouse. Week will remain normal for the job category. This week can give some problems for the business class. This week, take a little decision in partnership work. This week can give you some stomach related problems regarding health. You can get the benefit of sudden money. Any kind of problem related to children can be solved.

Leo Ascendant: This week, people of Leo zodiac sign may get worried about health and expenses. This week can give you good benefits in terms of work area. This week there will be a possibility for business class residents to get good benefits. Your family and married life will be good this week. You can also get the benefit of sudden money. Keep yourself away from unnecessary worries and negative thoughts.

Virgo Ascendant: In the beginning of this week, the natives of Virgo may have some confusion. This week due to excess of laziness in the body, you may get impediments in your work, so avoid it. Take care of your health and that of your children this week. Conditions will remain normal in the field. The last part of the week will give you relief. Your work will be completed and you can also get money benefits. Keep a little on the expenses.

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Libra Ascendant: This week, the zodiac signs of the zodiac signs may remain tense in the beginning of the week. The middle of the week will give you the benefit of child happiness and wealth. This week will remain beneficial for business class residents. You can remain worried about the health of the mother. Take care of your health, wasteful thinking can disturb you. This week, you will get full support of your brother and spouse.

Scorpio Ascendant: This week, the zodiac signs of Scorpio may continue to have an excess of laziness. In the first one or two days of the week, any kind of stress can disturb you. This week you can spend time in decorating your home. Love will increase with mother. You can get the benefit of sudden money this week. You can get love and benefit from your spouse this week. The situation will be normal at the workplace.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Sagittarius people may have differences with family members this week. This week you may be worried about your financial situation. You can get some good benefits in the middle of the week. This week, you will complete all your daily tasks with full enthusiasm. The situation will remain normal in the field. This week it will be appropriate to keep restraint on speech.

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Capricorn Ascendant: This week, the people of Capricorn can get the benefit of sudden money. This week your relationships with family members will remain cordial. This week will remain in your favor in terms of financial condition. Some differences with spouse are possible. Do not let any kind of tension dominate you. Control speech. The last part of the week will be beneficial.

Aquarius Ascendant: This week the natives of Aquarius can continue to run in the field. In the early part of the week, spending money and worry can bother you. However, the situation will be good from the center. You can increase your respect in the workplace. You can get good works with benefits. Health problems will decrease. Your family and marital life will be good.

Pisces Lagnarashi: Health of people of Pisces will improve this week. You may have to make more efforts to gain money. Conditions in the field will remain in your favor. Concerns about jobs and business can be removed. Keep in mind that there should be no estrangement with the children and brothers. There may be an increase in spending this week. Travel can be done.



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