Health Tips: During the COVID epidemic, keep your lungs healthy, mix these things in milk and consume these things

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, prevention of certain things is very important to maintain the health of your lungs. During the Corona epidemic, it is very important not only to stay home and take precautions wherever you are. But to fight against infection or disease, it is very important for your body to have strong immunity. We know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19 infection, disrupting the respiratory tract with very thick mucus. For medicines to work, the airway must be open and unblocked. To fight the kovid, your lungs must be strong. So today we will tell you some tips to strengthen the lungs. Also read: Health Tips: Use this special tea to strengthen your immunity, it is very beneficial for health

  • Hydration: Drinking a lot of water makes your lungs lubricated. Water dilutes the lungs and mucus, causing the mucus to drain out of the body easily. The person should drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day.
  • Exercise: Whether you are young or old, slim or big, able bodied or suffering from any chronic illness or disability, being physically active can help keep your lungs healthy.
  • Ayurvedic decoction: Apart from this, you should also adopt Ayurvedic remedies to keep the lungs strong. To keep your lungs clean and healthy, make Ayurvedic decoction, boil and drink with dry ginger, black pepper cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf and jaggery. With this decoction, you will get relief from phlegm, you will also get relief from cold cold head.
  • Turmeric in hot milk: Drink turmeric in warm milk before bedtime. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties. Due to which the risk of infection due to phlegm will be reduced.
  • Black pepper powder in milk: If you have a problem of cough, phlegm, and cold cold, then drink a pinch of black pepper powder in milk, this will give you relief. To keep your lungs clean and healthy, you can drink it daily.
  • milk and honey: Drinking a spoon of honey in milk relieves colds and mucus related problems.
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note- All the information related to health given in this article has been written for informational purpose. It should not be substituted for the treatment of any disease or for medical advice and we do not claim that the tips mentioned in the article will work perfectly, so before trying any tips or suggestions given in the article, the doctor Be sure to consult with.


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