Health 2021: Keto Diet, how beneficial or how harmful can this slim-trim recipe be?  Know what the experts say?

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Today everyone wants to be slim-trim. People are ready to do anything for this. If it is said that it has become a part of fashion among the youth of today, it will not be wrong. People blindly follow any diet plans without consulting any dietician. One such diet plan is becoming very popular these days, which is called ‘Keto Diet’. It is said that many film personalities also make their plans according to the diet of Keto. Let us know what is a keto diet and what benefits or disadvantages can it cause to our body. Also read- Foods to Boost Your Immunity: To increase immunity, consume these 5 zinc-rich foods.

What is a keto diet?

Keto diet (ketogenic diet) is a diet with high fat, rich protein and low carbohydrate. It is also known as ‘low carb and high fat diet’, which is to lose weight at will. About 75% of the food in this diet. Fat, 20% Protein and only 5% Contains carbohydrates. Due to which it creates a condition of ‘ketosis’ in our body, which converts the fat of our body’s liver into energy, resulting in rapid weight loss. The main function of this diet is to eliminate carbohydrates from the body and manufacture fat in its place.

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Can everyone follow keto diets?

According to dietician and nutritionist of Gurugram, Dr. Anjali Khanna, Keto diet should not be consumed for more than 6 months. When a person takes Keto diet, its effect starts appearing in 1 week. This diet starts its work fast. Because the body starts using fat in the body to produce more energy of carbohydrates. But there is also a risk of cholesterol due to the use of fat for a long time. High protein causes extra pressure on the kidneys, which is not right. Those taking keto diets also have a risk of blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease after one age.

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Benefit from Keto Diet!

If you take Keto diet for a few days, then you get benefit from it. This process converts the fat of our body into energy, which causes us to lose weight very fast. This helps in controlling the level of blood sugar in our body, and prevents the pimples on our face from growing. It produces kittons in our body, which increases the energy levels in the body. This process also relieves diseases like epilepsy, and most importantly, keto diet reduces bad cholesterol in our body, and increases good cholesterol. This process can reduce weight quickly.

Keto Diet: Travel is not easy!

You may have to face all kinds of problems in the initial days of taking keto diet. For example, feeling very tired, sleepy, severe headache, muscle pain, feeling restless, etc. If you are following this type of problems, following keto diet, then you should drink more water, if you have more muscle pain then magnesium supplements should be taken. The problem of weakness will gradually become normal. In some people, hair loss problems can also occur in the initial days.

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How to start?

Before starting the diet, Dr. Anjali tells you to get complete information about your physical ability from a good dietician whether you will be able to make such a difficult planning routine. Then you should take carbohydrates, proteins and fats when and in what quantity. What time to eat, what not to eat, if you do not take anything from 8 pm to 8 pm the next day, then is your body ready for this. Follow the keto diet and drink as much water as possible and take multivitamin supplements as well, this gives you relief from a lot of problems, but do all this by talking to a good dietician.



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