Know here why we should eat less at night


Let it be said that it is often seen that people take heavy food at night. These habits gradually give rise to many problems. People who take heavy food at night often face many stomach related diseases. Due to excessive food at night, many times there is also the problem of obesity.

In this way, dinner should always be light, the main reason behind it is that at night our body is in dormancy due to which the digestive work is not done smoothly and problems of constipation and gas etc. start. Include the necessary things in the food at night but keep its quantity low. By increasing the amount of food, the body also gradually increases the fat and the person becomes obese.

Take light food at night and drink milk after meals. Drinking lukewarm milk at night is considered healthy because it fulfills all the needs of the body. Dinner should not be taken too late, it also causes digestive problems, so try to eat food by 9 pm.

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