Know how dangerous chewing nails can be


You cannot even guess how harmful chewing nails can be to our health. We will give you further information on how bacteria present under the layer of nails reach our body along with chewing nails.

The dirty habit of chewing nails can occur in anyone and children. Chewing nails is a healthy habit that is seen more when a person is nervous or under stress. Apart from these, it can also be a normal habit, but how dangerous this habit can be and what effect it can have on health, we tell you. Nail biting, which spoils the shape of the nails, also spoils the beauty of your hands. Chewing nails also makes a difference on the normal growth of your nails, as well as your nails are not able to take the right shape and they become crooked.

You all know how much you clean your hands, but you forget to clean the nails and you cannot clean the nails as many times as you wash your hands during the day. In such a situation, chewing the nail can prove to be harmful for you because if proper cleaning of the nails is not done, then harmful bacteria under the layer of nails gets chewed into your mouth by chewing the nail called Staphylococcus.

Bacterial access from nail to mouth

As we have said earlier that you can clean your hands again and again but you cannot clean your nails, so there is dirt inside the nails, causing pathogenic bacteria like salmonella and E. coli in them. When you bite the nail, bacteria enter your body again in your mouth, which causes infection.

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People who chew nails have an increased risk of suffering from paronychia. Paronychia is a type of skin infection that occurs in the skin around the nail. When you chew the nails through the mouth, the surrounding skin also peels through which bacteria enter the skin.

Nails to teeth

The dirt of your nails also makes your teeth weak. The teeth of people who chew more nails start moving from their original place after a time. Not only this, as we shift forward, we also start getting weak and if we do not pay attention in time, it can be crooked.

Low self esteem

During a research, it has been found that people who chew nails also start to lack self-esteem. Whenever you go to a meeting and chew the nails, it has a wrong effect on people and gradually you also start to realize this, which brings down your self-esteem. Chewing nails is believed to be a cause of nervousness and stress, and no company would want to bring a person who is already struggling with stress.


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